Environmental Services

From environmental audits to the Clean Industry Certification, our team of experts has the required experience.

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Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety services include the Safe Industry Certification, development of health and safety programs, risk audits and more.

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Civil Protection

A unique branch of the Mexican government regulating explosive materials and other dangerous substances, and auditing emergency procedures the IIHM team ensures your company complies with all policies and regulations.

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Expert consultants on Mexican Business Regulations

The Instituto de Investigación Humana de Monterrey, S.C. (IIHM) is a consulting firm focused on consulting on Health & Safety, Workplace Health, Environmental Regulations and HR Consulting with over 30 years national experience.

We have highly trained and experienced specialists in each of our services to ensure the best service possible to your business. We have successfully helped businesses in the industrial, education, retail / commercial and government sectors.

We are crisis managers. Surprise inspections, closure threats and other critical situations. If your company is in crisis due to legal, labour or compliance failures, we are experts at getting you out of the crisis and setting the programs and policies in place so that they never happen again. Reduce your costs and increase the efficiency of your operation.

Instituto de Investigación Humana de Monterrey, S.C. (IIHM, S.C.)

For a Responsible and Sustainable Mexico.