Why is the Clean Industry Certification important?

Clean Industry Certification programBusinesses that obtain the Clean Industry Certification gain several economic benefits. However, before defining those benefits its important to define what the Clean Industry Certification is.

The Clean Industry Certification is a complete, systematic, objective and documented evaluation of how your company, your staff and your equipment operate with the objective of protecting the environment. In other words, your company benefits economically by obtaining the certificate and the people and the places we live gain because now your business is a clean and environmentally conscious operation. Is now a good moment to get certified? Let one of our consultants explain to you what the certification entails.

It is possible that your company is facing one or more of the following issues. These issues are the result of inefficient operations and are the main disadvantages of not performing an environmental audit:

  • Official inspections and audits become more complicated and you are exposed to fines for non-conformance on applicable environmental legislation.
  • The inspectors can establish conditions in which the irregularities of the company must fix will lead to increasingly higher fines and up to closure of the business. If you fall into this situation, your company has no opinion on the time frames and levels of conformance set by the authority, which may be quite severe. This may lead to very high costs and losses to your company.

In IIHM we are experts in fixing these situations and have an excellent relationship with the corresponding authorities. This allows us to understand their requirements and fix non-conformances in a clean and efficient manner.

The difficulties you are currently experiencing may turn into one of the following problems:

  • From the payment for polluting to the closure of your operations
  • Illnesses and bad health of your employees and local communities - increase in costs related to insurance fees and hiring and recruitment
  • Difficulty to obtain credits, deterioration of your company's public image
  • Damaged community relations and attempts from the community to relocate the company.

Contact us to find out if your business is protected.

Benefits of the Clean Industry Certification

These are just some of the benefits of the Clean Industry Certification:

  • Allows to have important savings by diminishing the generation of all kinds of residues, specially high pollutants. Savings in disposal costs and health and labor risks. An important percentage of the money invested in environmental improvement are tax deductible.
  • Reduction of the IMSS fees and other insurance fees.
  • Improvement on public image of the company. This is specially important when dealing with exports as it is a requirement of most international corporations that your company conforms to environmental policy.
  • The company remains free of audits and fines due to non-conformance.
  • Savings due to lower fees for water treatment and lower energy consumption.
  • Allows to find out any potential problems in the production processes of the operation.
  • The company has the right to decide the best way to fix irregularities detected by audits.

The efficient use of your resources turns into big savings. It has been shown in studies that for every dollar saved you need to have ten dollars in sales to obtain the same benefit.