Consulting ServicesThe IIHM wide range of services include personnel outsourcing, executive coaching and consulting services. We provide reliable legal services under the highest professional standards with knowledge and expertise for your business in Mexico.

Our work methodology

We have highly trained and experienced specialists in the different areas to provide you a service of the highest quality.

Our work methods are:

Consulting and Coaching

Highly trained staff visits your business and works as a team with your personnel to implement the actions, programs, studies and analysis in order to fulfill and provide a fast response to requirements in matters related to Health & Safety, Occupational Health, Environmental regulations and Civil Protection.

One of our advisors will work with you or one of your company's specialists to solve all legal needs and requirements your business may have.


Get coaching with our specialists in all of our areas of expertise in person, through telephone and/or via the internet with information, answers and delivery of the proper formats and documents as well as practical examples to guide you.

IIHM is the most professional and efficient team for your Company, providing a service tailor made to your needs with the quality and experience that defines us.

Areas of Service

Divided by government agency and/or field: