Corporate training for successful companies

We understand that every business and organization has different needs and pre-packaged training programs don’t usually work for all. In our client-focused approach we design custom training programs that can deliver the results you need.

We aim to develop a long lasting relationship that provides long-lasting and beneficial results for our clients. We go above and beyond clients expectations to ensure the goals are met and exceeded. To do this, we work to understand the challenges your business is facing and more importantly, to understand the uniqueness of your organization ensuring we provide the best help possible while getting the best return on your investment.

Sample subjects for training courses as related to Labour Code Regulations:

  • Basic civil protection
  • First Aid
  • Evacuation Process
  • Fire fighting training
  • Basic extinguisher operation
  • Fire Hose and Fire Hydrant handling
  • Brigade integration
  • Search and Rescue
  • Work at heights
  • Head protection (eyes, ears, face)
  • Handling, shipping and storage of dangerous chemicals
  • Handling of exposure to dangerous chemicals
  • Selection, use and maintenance of personal safety equipment
  • Safety in work processes
  • Basic occupational health and safety training
  • Heavy loads management
  • Hands protection
  • Joint health and safety committee training