Human Resources and Organizational Development Services

We provide HR Consulting and Organization Development Services in Mexico in the form of a successful and innovative service specializing in organization development, workforce planning, talent development and change management.

Our experienced team of consultants offers leading-edge thinking combined with first-hand experience of over 30 years of working in the private and public sector.

We provide clarity and focus to the complex needs of our clients enabling them to translate federal and state regulations into workable actions, be it at the multi-agency, organizational, management, team or individual level.

People are at the heart of everything we do; by focusing our efforts on the human element within your organization, people are better able to improve service delivery and manage change helping drive your business goals upward and forward.

Sample services provided:

  • Talent development and recruitment
  • Salary and benefits consulting
  • Personal planning and development
  • Organizational structure development
  • Union relations
  • Workplace environment studies
  • Communication improvement programs
  • Corporate culture development and implementation
  • 360° system
  • DNC processes
  • Payroll Management and Consulting
  • Outsourcing services